April 20, 2021 – Chauvin Trial Verdict Campus Response


As I am sure many of you already heard, the verdict for the Derek Chauvin trial was announced today. We must recognize the trauma that many are experiencing – especially those in the Black community. In the context of this trial, compounded by the tragic death of Daunte Wright, deep feelings of outrage, fear, and grief are natural and to be expected. With this in mind, we decided to close the campus early tonight at 6pm and will resume regular on-campus operation hours tomorrow through the remainder of the week.


In Solidarity

Although extraordinarily difficult, the trial of Derek Chauvin has also been a powerful expression of our collective demand for racial justice. This is to be expected; meaningful social change is rarely easy or quick. As institutions of higher learning, we fully support freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and peaceful protest. A marketplace of ideas and diversity of opinions is an essential part of our students' learning experience.



I want to remind you there are many resources available on campus and in the community to help support each of you.






Better Together

Lastly, as a college community, we need to continue to acknowledge that systemic racism and racial strife remain, and we must be unified in taking bold action to end them. Healing must begin. Our hearts are with George Floyd’s family and loved ones tonight!